Local, IFP Partner on Table Reading Series

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Local, IFP Partner on Table Reading Series

Local, IFP Partner on Table Reading Series

The SAG-AFTRA Chicago Local has teamed up with IFP Chicago to start a table read series called At the Table. This quarterly series showcases scripts that are in development or close to preproduction. The series kicked off Jan. 15 with a table read of the script Girl with Child by writer/director Maria Abraham and producer Luz Agudelo Gipson. The script, which won the Chicago International Film Festival Pitch Competition, was read by 10 Chicago SAG-AFTRA members in front of an audience in the Kaufherr Members Resource Center.

“We want to make more great movies in Chicago. One way to do that is to bring together the acting, producing and writing communities,” said member Kelly Demaret, who helped organized the event. Performers reviewed character breakdowns, submitted headshots and resumes, and were chosen by the filmmakers to participate. “Everybody had a fantastic time — the audience, the actors and especially the filmmakers,” Demaret said. 

A call for script submissions will occur quarterly, with the next reading scheduled for March 26.

Photo: Members and filmmakers at the KMRC after the table read on Jan. 15.

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