Do women over 50 today have a chance to avoid becoming invisible on movie and television screens?

Don’t miss a special opportunity to participate in this workshop and learn how to impact your employment opportunities with a hands-on call to action, guided by marketing and branding expert Mona Finston and facilitated by Ellen Wacher. Presented by SAG-AFTRA, as conceived and funded by the former SAG National Women’s Committee, Finston will guide participants on how to take back the work that’s traditionally been reserved for the 18 -49 demographic. The call to action will include detailed steps and suggestions on how to build your own brand as well as grass-roots media awareness campaigns.
This workshop will be livestreamed to SAG-AFTRA members all around the world.
When: 2 – 4pm, Eastern / 11am – 1pm, Pacific, Tuesday, April 24

To access livestream: Visit immediately prior to the start of the event.


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