I recently read that the word “abracadabra” is from the Aramaic “avra kehdabra,” meaning “It will be created in my words” or “I will create as I speak.”

This resonated with me as I thought back to the day I said, “I want to be a SAG-AFTRA actor.” Poof! It came to pass not long after. Several years later, I said to myself, “I want to be SAG-AFTRA Portland Local president” ... and poof! Here I am.  

So, what’s next, you ask. I’ve got a big one! I want Oregon to reach its potential as a film and entertainment market. I truly believe we can and should be a thriving market. We have amazing talent, crew, locations and more. I think in 10 years we can be a billion-dollar market. There, I said it!  

I’m determined and committed to working toward this goal and reaching it. I’m going to look toward your energy, your ideas, your connections and your sweat equity to make this goal a reality for all of us. I don’t want to do it alone, and I want all of us to benefit.  

How can you help? Educate yourself. Know your business. Prepare, train, learn. Read info sent to you, join a committee, run for a local seat next election. Perhaps most importantly, talk to your legislators! Let them know Oregon’s film incentives need to be increased to push us toward our goal faster! Reach out to me or others on the board anytime you have questions or ideas. Be present! Be involved!

What’s your “avra kehdabra?”

By Michelle Damis for the Portland Local newsletter.


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