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Letter From the Portland Local President

Robert Blanche

Dear Member,

Welcome to the Portland Local newsletter. I am thrilled that we have so much to share with you. Since starting work together in late August, your new board has been working hard to engage the membership through events and educational outreach. We’ve also identified opportunities to organize work that falls under our jurisdiction and are working tirelessly to increase professional opportunities for our members.

Please check your email for notifications of coming events, including our membership meeting and SAG Awards viewing party on Jan. 21. It’s going be a great night!

If you have ideas or thoughts, want to participate or simply want to share something, please write me at Remember, the union isn’t someone else or some other entity, it’s you and me. And it’s amazing what we can accomplish when we stick together. 

Enjoy the newsletter!

Robert Blanche
SAG-AFTRA Portland Local President