Dear Member,

These are bizarre, confusing and even terrifying times. The phrase of our time seems to be “no one knows.” Our SAG-AFTRA staff and leaders have been working with other unions, producers, studios, senators, Congress, medical experts and more to figure out how and when our members can return to work safely. SAG-AFTRA is involved directly in helping to develop health and safety guidelines for a return to work in all areas. This pandemic has left the world in a quandary, and we all want to find a way to safely work. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling during this time.

Our staff continues to work on contracts, making certain our broadcasters are being paid properly for their work and making certain working conditions are safe. There are still negotiations going on for new and updated contracts but our union is also struggling. The sudden loss of member employment meant a sudden loss of major revenues for SAG-AFTRA. Some of our members are struggling to pay dues on time - if at all. If you are able to pay your dues, please pay them. If you are struggling financially, then please ask for help. Go to and click on the Covid-19 Resources for the many avenues of support.

There are a few steps you can take now to make sure you stay up to date on all of the current information:

  • Please make certain that your correct email address is updated in your SAG-AFTRA record so that you will receive all pertinent information in a timely manner. There are many free webinars and classes provided online by SAG-AFTRA and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, and you want to make certain that you know about them in advance.
  • Review your information on all of the casting websites and databases. Make sure your email and contact information is up to date. Check all of the casting websites for free blogs and webinars and zoom sessions.
  • Keep in touch with your friends and colleagues to exchange information. There are groups meeting online for readings and practice and workouts and networking.
  • Spend some free time binge-watching locally produced film and episodic content that is available on streaming services. You can find an up to date link here.

As I stated in the beginning no one knows what will happen down the road. We all need to hope for the best and prepare for anything that might happen. Thank you to our marvelous staff and our fabulous group of board members ready to help you.

Andrea Lyman
New England Local President


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