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On Friday, June 26th the State Legislature's Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technology held a virtual hearing to discuss the best options to help the Massachusetts economy recover and grow jobs. They intend to take up an Economic Recovery Bill this session by the end of July. 

This provides a great opportunity for us to eliminate the sunset on the film & TV production incentive program.
The film and television production industry is well-positioned to be a catalyst in the state’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Episodic series that were in pre-production are expected to resume soon, and a number of productions intend to start or continue their work in Massachusetts in the fall. 

But if action isn’t taken soon, the Film & Television Production Incentive program will end as currently scheduled in 2022, and the local film and television industry, along with its jobs and contributions to our economy, will disappear.

Eliminating the sunset now will send the message that Massachusetts is open for business for the long term and will open the floodgates to investment at a time when the state needs that investment the most. From major infrastructure investments (stages, equipment, etc.) to new multi-year episodic series, without the removal of the program’s sunset now, the state will lose these powerful opportunities for economic recovery.

Please click here to email your state senator and state representative – tell them now is the time to eliminate sunset of the Film & Television Production Incentive program to protect and GROW the jobs and economic benefits it creates.


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