Know the Facts!

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Know the Facts!


The following message is the first in a series of responses to members’ questions at recent Town Hall meetings and sent to us via email. Please watch for additional messages over the coming weeks.

Know the facts!

Will a SAG TV/Theatrical strike “shut down the Industry?”  NO WAY!

If the SAG National Board is authorized to call a strike, we all hope a strike will not be necessary.  But, if the National Board decides to call one, it will not “shut down the Industry.”  Why not?  Because the National Board’s decision would have no effect on work done under the Guild’s other contracts.

In the event of a TV/Theatrical strike, work done under other SAG contracts would continue to be governed by those contracts, not the TV/Theatrical contracts.  That means jobs in commercials, basic cable, video games and industrials would continue during a TV/Theatrical strike.  Also, jobs would continue on more than 800 independent movie projects by producers not associated with AMPTP companies, and on more than 800 independent new media projects under SAG’s new media agreement.

A strike of our TV/Theatrical contracts would be a serious step we hope to avoid, but even if the working actors on SAG’s National Board were authorized and ultimately voted to call a strike, that decision would affect only work on primetime network shows, pay TV shows (e.g., HBO), and movies made, financed or distributed by AMPTP companies (e.g., Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, NBC Universal, etc.).  Not “the entire industry.”

Also, actors on any shows signed to AFTRA before the effective date of such a strike would be required by their personal contract and AFTRA’s CBA to report to work on any AFTRA-covered projects in its jurisdiction (primarily dramatic network primetime and pay TV shows, and movies made for television or DVD.)

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Doug Allen

Nearly 3,000 SAG members have signed on to the solidarity campaign at  If you haven’t yet signed the Guild’s solidarity statement in support of a fair contract and a “yes” vote on the strike authorization, do so now at

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