You are having an impact! Thanks to your calls and emails to state legislators, legislation has been filed to eliminate the sunset of the Film and Television Production Incentive program! Both bills now have official bill numbers and have been assigned to the Joint Committee on Revenue. The bill numbers are as follows:  

  • Senate Bill 1728, An Act supporting job growth in the Commonwealth
  • House Bill 2419, An Act to remove the film tax credit expiration date

Next Steps:
The Revenue Committee will schedule a hearing for our legislation. 

  • The hearing will be an opportunity for supporters of the Film and Television Production Incentive, including businesses and workers who have benefitted from this program, to demonstrate how important it is to remove the sunset of the program to protect thousands of jobs and keep this vibrant industry here in Massachusetts.
  • We will keep you informed when we receive information confirming the scheduled hearing date. We will need your help to ensure we have a strong and unified presence at the State House for the hearing.

Take action! Use the link below to ask your state senator and state representative to support these bills. 
Now that our legislation has official bill numbers and has been assigned to the Revenue Committee, please use this opportunity to email your legislators and urge them to support this legislation. You can contact your state legislators by clicking here.

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