AFFORDABLE RATES – for one up-front fee, air your commercial across local broadcast, internet, new media, social media andr egional cable.

LESS PAPERWORK – just a phone call and a signature away from production.

Pension & Health / Health & Retirement Contributions: 18%

  • Term Signatory entails signing the SAG-AFTRA Regional Code for the three-year term of the Code. All commercials produced and aired by the Signatory within the Miami Local’s jurisdiction must be union while signed to the Code.
  • One Production Only allows producers to use the SAG-AFTRA Regional Code for one specific production while not obligating them for future productions.
  • The Miami Local Regional Code covers commercials produced in Florida & Alabama and can be played in most or all neighboring states.
  • The Miami Local Regional Code also covers commercials produced and played in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Different rates apply. Please contact the Local office for those rates.

Call Leslie Krensky in the Miami Local office at (305) 663-7077 or email, to see if the Regional Code rates apply to your commercial.

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