The entertainment contracts staff has been focused on receiving advanced training and offering educational opportunities for members. Below are some of our highlights:

New York, New York

Staff member Jess W. Speaker III spent three days in the SAG-AFTRA office in New York training with and visiting various departments, including Field Services, Television and Theatrical Contracts, Commercials and Co/Ed, Signatory Records, and EEO and Diversity. Speaker spent the bulk of this time out in the field, training with three field service representatives on the sets of six television and theatrical productions.

Commercial Contract Training

Commercials contract training
SAG-AFTRA staff at Commercial Contract Training in Los Angeles

Staff member Ryan Hastings joined other SAG-AFTRA business representatives from Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New England, Ohio-Pittsburg, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland at the SAG-AFTRA national office in Los Angeles for one week of commercial staff training in March 2017. This intensive training provided an in-depth discussion on all elements of the SAG-AFTRA Commercial and Audio Commercial agreements. Additional time was allotted to speak with the Professional Representatives and Television and Theatrical departments as well.  

Introduction to SAG-AFTRA for the Actor/Performer

On March 22, the Washington Mid-Atlantic Local hosted a seminar titled Introduction to SAG-AFTRA for the Actor/Performer, a two-hour class hosted quarterly at the office in Bethesda. The class discussed the history of SAG-AFTRA, the benefits of being a member, local resources and an overview of the different contracts. Attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions.  

OSHA 10 Set Safety Training

OSHA training class
OSHA 10 training class. Photo by April Crawford.

Local staff Jane Love and Hastings attended IATSE Local 487’s OSHA 10/general entertainment industry safety and health training on March 27 and 28 in Baltimore, Maryland. This training course provided a wealth of information for SAG-AFTRA staff members about safety matters on set visits and during claim intake. Some of the topics covered include personal protective equipment, elevated work platforms, working surfaces, material handling and use, electric safety, fall protection, tool safety, emergency action plans and fire protection. Since attending the training, both have received their OSHA 10 certification.

Commercials 101 Webinar

At the request of the MOVE subcommittee, the local hosted an in-person and online seminar titled Commericals 101. This 90-minute class provided member participants with an overview of the entire Commercials Agreement and the opportunity to ask questions. We discussed the audition process, performer contracts, principal work, extra work, work in audio commercials, upgrades, downgrades, outgrades, use cycles and more. 


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