Members at the first Arizona-Utah Local Cactus Connection in Tucson.

The Arizona-Utah Local held its first — and amazing — Cactus Connection in Tucson on Jan. 15 with a great turnout. 
Me and Arizona-Utah Local Vice President – Southern Arizona Matt Welch and board members Sher Ribus Bloom, Mike Caprio and Vic Roych hosted the night at Brother John’s (formerly the Old Wild Cat House).

It was nice to see so many local members. Everyone came out to meet new players and reminisce with old friends. It’s a small community and getting larger every day. Our senior matriarch, Francesca Jarvis, known for Lilies of the Field (1963) and many other movies, was there, and many other stars enjoyed the night.

Matt started off with introductions around the room. We mingled with each other and Sher led us in an interactive networking game. Mike gave an inspiring speech on voiceover and narration work. Vic assisted with check-in and distributing swag bags.

I closed up the night by discussing possible conservatory programs in Tucson such as table reads, self-taping, voice and diction classes, and the need for volunteers in all areas.

It was a truly inspiring night for all, and we plan to have more Cactus Connections in the future.

By Lela Hough, Arizona-Utah Local Board member – Southern Arizona, for the local newsletter. 

Photo: Members at the first Arizona-Utah Local Cactus Connection in Tucson. Photo by Toby Struthers


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