Editor’s Note: The following article was sent to members of the Michigan ad community via an Adcraft e-newsletter. Adcraft is a Detroit advertising industry organization that connects advertising, marketing and communication professionals. It’s just one way SAG-AFTRA is reaching out to employers to expand union employment. 

Social distancing calls for innovation on the part of both advertisers and performers. Like so many aspects of our daily lives, the suddenly unfamiliar landscape of advertising production, potentially fraught with actual physical danger, necessitates change. However, this danger hasn’t changed the fact that consumers are still buying products and thus advertisers still need to market them safely and effectively. SAG-AFTRA has the talent and flexible commercials contracts that can help Detroit advertisers accomplish this. 


The SAG-AFTRA Michigan Local talent pool runs deep with talented voice performers whose experience runs the gamut from Motown to audiobooks in addition to traditional commercial voiceover work. Many of our members already have sophisticated recording facilities in their homes and can quickly turn out a studio-quality product in minimal time.

To further aid you in casting, SAG-AFTRA can send your audition notice to a targeted list of our members within the Michigan Local. By prioritizing the use of Michigan performers, you support the local creative community in a difficult time. 

Everything from the audition and casting to the voice recording session will be achieved while working remotely and following state and CDC safety guidelines. 


Advertisers in the Detroit area can choose between the National Commercials Contract and the Michigan Regional Commercials Contract.

The National Commercials Contract is the traditional commercials contract that most advertisers are familiar working with. It can cover any type of commercial, large or small. However, the 2019 agreement features flexible new alternative compensation and usage options to meet the needs of an evolving advertising industry.

The Michigan Regional Commercials Code features upfront rates that are discounted from the national rate and include session and unlimited usage for radio, TV and digital advertising, all at one cost.

The Michigan Regional Code covers ads produced in Michigan and aired in Michigan or any bordering state. Up to three additional states can be added for an additional fee. 

Advertisers or agencies are free to sign on to the contract on a production-by-production basis. But, there is an additional discount on rates for those who sign to the full term of the contract. The letter of adherence is a one-page document, which is easily and quickly handled via email with SAG-AFTRA staff working remotely in Chicago.


Though the circumstances of the work may have temporarily changed, the SAG-AFTRA Michigan Local remains committed to supporting the work of the advertising industry by helping to connect talented performers with advertisers and ad agencies to produce the best possible work within their budget.

If you need further information, SAG-AFTRA staff is available. We are happy to answer any questions about rates, usage and anything else you need.


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