Membership and Contract services and support for the Houston-Austin Local are provided by the Dallas-Fort Worth office.

The Dallas-Fort Worth staff will respond to your needs quickly and professionally. Below is a comprehensive list of direct Dallas-Fort Worth office contacts and Houston-Austin Local Support contacts.



Dallas-Fort Worth

5000 Quorum Drive, Suite 700
Dallas , Texas 75254
United States of America

Contract/SubjectContactDirect LineEmail
Katie Wallack(214) 363-8300 Ext.
Promos Music Videos Singers Sound Recordings
Leslie Krensky(305) 663-7007
New Media
Professional Representatives
Short and Student Films
Stunt and Safety
Trish Avery(214) 363-8300 Ext.
TV, Dramatic
TV, Non-Dramatic
David Fazekas(407)

Local Board

Mykle McCoslin – President
Dee Dawson – 1st Vice President
Liz R Graham – 2nd Vice President
Shondra Marie – Secretary

Glynace Eastham
Deborah Gaffney
Tommy G. Kendrick
Kathryn Moore
Craig Nigh
Michelle A. Robinson
Allison Victoria-Wolfe
Pamela Weaver
Avery White

Get Involved

For more information on how you can get involved, contact Trish Avery at or call (214) 363-8300.

Resources & Downloads

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Houston-Austin Local Constitution
Houston-Austin Committee Info
Houston-Austin Regional Online Resources

Help Center

On-Set Emergency

On-Set Emergency: (844) 723-3773

Help Center

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