Honoring Those Who Have Served

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Honoring Those Who Have Served
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Dear Member,

Every November 11 we honor Americans who have been called to join different branches of the military. While protecting our freedom here at home, these brave soldiers often endure long separations from loved ones and life-threatening risks. Many of them pay the ultimate sacrifice.

On Veterans Day, it’s our turn to show our deep respect and say thank you. As we observe this national holiday with public parades and personal moments of reflection, we also have an opportunity to donate to the USO.

For over 75 years, the USO has supported service members through every stage of their military careers—from basic training to deployments to their transition home. With assignments in all corners of the world, coupled with global uncertainty, our men and women in uniform need our support. 

The USO’s history with the entertainment industry is well known. Entertainers have been lifting the spirits of our soldiers since 1941.

Today, I am asking SAG-AFTRA members to visit USO.org/SAGAFTRA and show our gratitude to America’s men and women in uniform by doing what we can. 

I would also like to personally thank our member veterans for their service. To those whose loved ones serve, may they remain safe.

We join you all in a solemn observance of Veterans Day.

Strength in Unity,