Unintended is a theatrical film being produced by Metro Wealth Studios LLC. Please be advised that this film is not being produced under the terms of a SAG-AFTRA contract.
As a reminder, Global Rule One stipulates that a member may not perform any services as a performer nor make an agreement to perform services as a performer for any producer who has not executed a basic minimum agreement with SAG-AFTRA which is in full force and effect, in any jurisdiction in which there is a SAG-AFTRA national collective bargaining agreement in place.
Therefore, unless and until the producers of this picture enter into a contract with SAG-AFTRA, employment on this picture will constitute a violation of Global Rule One and will subject SAG-AFTRA members to possible disciplinary proceedings which may result in a reprimand, fine, suspension, or expulsion from membership.
If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Goodman at (404) 239-0131 Ext. 11 or via email at melissa.goodman@sagaftra.org .


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