Join thousands of SAG-AFTRA members from across the country sharing their union pride.

“I was born in Kazakhstan in a small village, and while watching Hollywood movies I’d always dream of becoming an actor one day. Now I’m here and my dream is in my hands. Dreams come true. Just believe...” – Olga Bezrukova

"When my grandmother told me to try out for Love Connection I told her. ‘I don't like that show, Grandma,” but I went and auditioned anyway. I immediately got chosen to be on the show. It was a hit. The show mentioned my martial arts background. I then received a letter in the mail to audition for a karate movie and ended up getting a lead bad guy role. When I heard Chuck Norris (I met him at Karate events) was filming, I called the extra casting agency and got myself booked as background. When I showed up, Chuck asked, ‘What are you doing here?” and I replied ‘I'm an extra.’ He said, ‘Not anymore,’ and had me doing stunts and stand-in work, making me SAG eligible (which I immediately joined in 1992)." – Allen Rubin

“I got my SAG membership in 1994 while I was working on the television show Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, Scott Baio and Victoria Rowell. I had a blast then and continue to do so now. I am blessed and thankful to be part of such a professional group of people in such an awesome profession. Let's see what 2019 has in store for me.” – Scott Herring

“As a child, I always wanted to act, but while growing up I fell into the corporate world. After losing my job of 10 years, I felt hopeless. Being in front of the camera changed all that. It took four months to get my first waiver and six months to get my second. After that, I got five more back to back. I became eligible a month before my 33rd birthday. I ran straight to the SAG-AFTRA office and paid in full. Even though I knew I was SAG-AFTRA already, I was still waiting for the honorable SAG-AFTRA card to come in the mail in time for my 33rd birthday. This was one of the best birthday gifts I gave to myself as it was the start to a future I've always dreamed about.” – Tamiz U Rezvi

“My membership in SAG-AFTRA ensures me that I'll be working with individuals who maintain a higher standard of professionalism and on-set safety.” – John H

“One full year with SAG-AFTRA! In 2015, I made the leap to work for film and TV after a particularly rough year. 2016 brought my first waivers through The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Last year, I took another leap and joined SAG-AFTRA. It has been the best decision I've ever made. Thank you for everything thus far, and for what will happen in the future.” – Chris Weiss

“When I watched The Goonies I knew that I wanted to live adventures and tell amazing stories. Small town boy from Boulder, Colorado goes to Hollywood. I was all of 24 when I got my SAG card. It's been a hard road and lessons learned along the way and a lot of rejections tears, but this is in my soul. A working-class actor is something to be.” – Jasen

“I decided to step out on faith in my early 20s and follow my passion and dreams of being an actor. Years of hard work paid off when I got my SAG-AFTRA Card – that meant no more low paying jobs and more career opportunities.” – Garsha Arristo

“Growing up I dreamed of being on set - literally in my dreams. I knew I'd end up in film eventually. Just never knew how - till now. Keep dreaming!” – Demetrios Sados

“I received my SAG-AFTRA membership by being a featured extra as a punk and androgynous person on many different TV series. I am proud to be a union member because, as an alternative looking person, I get booked to work as myself!” – Mac Roberts

“I got my SAG-AFTRA card in 1983 when I was a professional actor in New York City. Three years ago, after taking a 20-year hiatus from acting, I began an encore career in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. What an amazing journey to recapture my dream of being an actor once again. I've booked 50 commercials, TV spots, movies and live shows since I have been in Florida and continue to see a career unfolding that I would have never expected at this age. Thanks, SAG-AFTRA for opening these doors for me!” – Bo Sebastian

“In 2017, I landed my biggest role to date as "Shombay, Merchant Tribe Warrior" in Black Panther. A few months prior to shooting my scenes, I experienced a health scare that landed me on my back, literally. However, I never lost my faith and I was back to feeling 100% by the time filming began. I hope my story inspires other actors and actresses to keep pushing and never give up. Thank you, SAG-AFTRA, for always having my back!” – Stanley Aughtry

“When I moved to L.A. five years ago my number one objective was to become a SAG-AFTRA member. All of my favorite actors are union and I told myself I wasn't a professional actor until I joined SAG-AFTRA. I remember working both background and principal roles nonstop for years until I finally received a letter stating I was eligible. Happiest day of my life! When I became a member, the level of respect I was treated with on set increased instantly. I realized I now had benefits and a union fighting for me if I was being treated unfairly, and I loved that. Going union is the best thing I've ever done.” – Brandon Brown

“I have been a SAG-AFTRA member since 2015. I feel like I belong to a society of professional performers and I am very proud of it!” – Abigail Friend

“I began the journey to SAG-AFTRA membership in 2012. After numerous failed attempts to get a Taft-Hartley credit, I kept acting, networked with union actors on set, took classes and signed with an agent in 2017. In the summer of 2018, I booked a costarring role on Law & Order: SVU. The experience working with the cast and meeting Dick Wolf at the table read was a great initiation into this grand organization.” – Sowande Tichawonna

“SAG-AFTRA has opened the doors for the whole family. We have been so blessed to work on great union-sanctioned productions such as Hawaii Five-O, Magnum P.I., Godzilla, Jurassic World and Go for Broke: an Origin Story. We are so fortunate to be SAG-AFTRA in paradise.” – David Sikkink

“Joining SAG-AFTRA has been a dream come true. I am honored and proud to be part of a community of artists who love telling stories as much as I do.” – Karen Karatz

I was fortunate enough to be in a forgettable television episode with unforgettable talent. The director asked all eleven women in the room, “Does anyone in here have a SAG card?” I waited for a nanosecond and responded, “I’m Taft-Hartley’d!” I found myself placed next to Donna McKechnie and threw her a line. Done - I got that CARD!” – Jane Tacker-Halm

"About two-and-a-half years ago, I saw a casting call online for background actors in the movie Marshall. I took a selfie and submitted it, not expecting to hear back. I only sent it because my son, an actor, was submitting as well. We both got parts!" – Scott Matheny

“I joined AFTRA in 1988 in an effort to legitimize my status as a professional actor. Joining AFTRA put me in position to join SAG a few years later. I met casting director Elisabeth Rudolph at a casting seminar in my hometown of New York City. She called me a few days later to audition for an under-five role on Loving. Tada! I quickly paid my dues to join SAG with that job!” – Elijah Tyre

"As a new actor, it has been amazing to learn on set by watching some of the biggest names in entertainment. I know that this card will allow me to access more opportunities and give me the chance to work with the people I have admired all my life. It’s been a surreal experience so far, but my journey is far from's just beginning." – Joseph N Kelly

"I am a Hispanic SAG-AFTRA actor born in Puerto Rico. After 10 years in Los Angeles, I bought a sailboat in the Caribbean and went sailing for a year. Following the destruction and nightmare of Hurricane Maria, I moved to Atlanta to continue working as an actor." – Jose David Aceve

"After convincing an industrial producer to offer a SAG-AFTRA contract, I joined the union in 2015. I'm a proud SAG-AFTRA member because I know the union keeps actors like me safe on set, and makes sure we have a living wage!" – Harold Phillips

"I drive motor coaches in New York City and up and down the Eastern Seaboard. My wish as an actor has always been to play a bus driver while actually on Louie playing the bus driver and driving the bus in LIVE traffic." – Bill Vila

"60 years ago I got my card by auditioning with 500 other women for the classic Ajax White Knight commercial. In the 1970s, the wonderful Ross Hunter cast 40 of us passengers on Uni's Airport, vowing to use only union actors. We were proud to be in his cast and during hiatus and our union cards gave us the assurance that we would, in fact, get paid. Yep. That card was gold." – Allison McKay

“Thirty-five years? Yep, got my card when I was 11 years old in 1983!” – Phillip K. Torretto

"Becoming a proud SAG-AFTRA member is an earned privilege and has given me a certain legitimacy to call myself a professional actor. I did it!” – Odysseus Gagan

"All four of us with our SAG-AFTRA cards!" – The Perez Family

"I was young and working in the electrical field. I answered an ad in the newspaper. The ad asked for construction guys with special skills. I went to the modeling agency and applied. I was accepted and did two commercials for MCI. I did not join right away and I don't know why. I am now a 4 year member and would like to do more." – Jimmy Bias

"I became a SAG-AFTRA member by joining AFTRA in 2012. I was exited when SAG merged with AFTRA because I knew I was finally going to have the chance to be a part of both actor unions." – Lee Tenae Divionnis

"Chicago Local Board member. Strong arts industry advocate leveraging my acting and networking abilities to grow our film and entertainment community." – Duke Czlonka

"New card came in the mail today - proud SAG AFTRA member since 2003!" – Gregory Hoyt

"In 2008, I became homeless after my dad was deported to Mexico, I also became eligible to be a SAG-AFTRA member in the year 2008. I never found out until 2017, after I worked on a union project. My life could not be better after all the years of hard work to get to where I am now. I am very thankful for SAG-AFTRA." – Alfonso Illan Sutton

"I just got my SAG-AFTRA card. I am in the "senior" age range. Came to NYC when I was 20, dropped out of the game when I was this close to joining in my 40's, because we needed guaranteed health coverage, and took a dead end office job. The Affordable Care Act allowed me the freedom to start again. That was a very short time ago. Now I already have my union card, and the day after receiving it, booked a commercial! Proud to be a part of a group which takes our work seriously, and understands its real value." – Michael Greenl

"I am 15, love to act and sing, and have autism. I guest-starred on "Speechless" and became eligible to become a member, but it wasn’t until I guest-starred on "The Good Doctor" that I am now a member of SAG-AFTRA. As a PWD, I am so excited to connect with other actors like me. I have found my voice, my passion and cannot wait for what is next!" – Coby Bird

"I am a very proud member of SAG-AFTRA" – Noah Staggs

"I have been a member since 2000 and it has been the best decision in terms of support, guidance, and opportunities." – Sandra Matthews Sims

"I always wanted to be a part of something big, and since I was a kid I had a very clear vision of who I wanted to be. Two years ago, I moved to America, the greatest country in the world, and the land of opportunity to further pursue my dreams. My first yearly goal was: join the union, book something big, and work with the best. Six months later, I booked the lead role for a national commercial, which made me eligible to join the union. I got chosen by the Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper, and collaborated with the exec. producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It was an amazing experience to work three of the biggest names in Hollywood as the lead actor. My first dream came true quite fast! I am very proud to be a SAG-AFTRA member!" – Angelos Poulis

"I became a member at five years old, and here I am a teenager now! I became a member by working alongside my sister and Derek Luke in the television series “Trauma.” I will never forget the experience and I hope to do more! I love my membership for the great discounts. It allows me to visit great places like Disneyland!" – Kohle Bolton

"Proud member since 2008!" – Mike Cardan

"I am 7 years old and have been pursuing my dream of becoming and actor for over a year. I started acting when my mom was still in law school but she still took me on auditions and to shoots. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and I am the youngest. I dream of one day being able to open my own rescue for animals and being a great actress." – Shiloh Verrico

"Becoming a SAG-AFTRA member meant that I was now among hardworking professional actors that work to take the art and skill to the next level. It meant that I have now arrived as a professional actor!" – Derrick Worsley

"I find I 'accidentally' drop my card any chance I get. 'Oh, excuse me, I dropped my SAG-AFTRA card, do you mind? Thank you! Shaun Parker. Actor, nice to meet you.'" – Shaun Parker

"I toiled for years in non-union roles and theatre before earning my SAG-AFTRA card by writing, producing and starring in my own short films and those of my production company. When I held the card for the first time I felt legitimate, proud and validated. It's a privilege to be a member of SAG-AFTRA!" – Kelli Crawford

"On location as Detective Cuddy in "One Day She'll Darken" from Patty Jenkins and TNT." – Theo Marshall

"I am a singer. I've been a proud member since I was six years old. My first job was for a Wonder Bread commercial jingle. I am still a singer, and still proud to be a SAG-AFTRA member." – Charisse Davis

"I achieved my goal of becoming a SAG-AFTRA member in 1995. I continue to enjoy acting and the people I meet in our industry . . . like Scott Clifton, not only an outstanding actor, but a great guy." – Kevin Beeken

"I earned my SAG-AFTRA membership performing as a gospel singer in the 1980 cult classic film, 'Reborn', starring Dennis Hopper. Growing up in the union town of Detroit, MI, I came to appreciate the many benefits of union membership and was thrilled to join SAG-AFTRA later in life, in Houston, TX." – Richard Aptekar

"Becoming a proud SAG-AFTRA member is an earned privilege. I have achieved a certain legitimacy to call myself a professional actor. I did it!" – Odyssesus Gagan

"I received my SAG card in 2004 while still working full time as a special education teacher with the board of education. Not being a classically trained actor, I went on audition after audition until finally I booked an Aquafina commercial. I felt validated that this thing that I had inside of me was justified. I knew right then and there that my vocation was about to change." – Donald Hinson

"The dream was to be an actor, and now I am a SAG-AFTRA member. I'm here because of my parents and all the new friends I met on productions who believed in me. My story is just beginning." – Kevin Carscallen

"I have been a dues-paying SAG-AFTRA member continuously since 1987. I had been a child actor, but when I became an adult I gave up my dream of becoming a full time professional actor and chose to support my family through my jobs in the business world. In 1987 I resurrected my acting career to help pay college tuition for my three children. As a union member and recognized professional performer, I booked six national TV commercials and roles on TV shows, movies, commercials and corporate films. My acting income alone paid for all of my children's college tuition and expenses. I have worked continuously for these past 30+ years and have significant credits in major features and television productions - thank you SAG-AFTRA!" – Michael J. Lyons

“I joined the Screen Actors Guild In 1992, after I was Taft-Hartleyed in a major sitcom. Proud member!” – Kevin McDowell

“Joining SAG-AFTRA was such an amazing blessing. It's nice to be a part of a community of such talented professional actors.” – Deuandra T. Brown

"Being a SAG-AFTRA actor is the highlight of my life!" – Terez M. Land

"Proud member since 2008! It was one of the proudest moments for me to be part of this amazing union!" – Steve Antonucci

"I have been in the union for 13 years and I'm very proud to be represented by such a great platform. The foundation and strength of this union is very pronounced and will continue to grow as we move forward into the future." – Joseph A. Basile

"My first union job was on a commercial, and so was my second. Thus I became a Legacy SAG member in 2003, followed by AEA in 2005 and then Legacy AFTRA in 2009. I have never looked back!" – Rik Deskin

One of the happiest days in my entire life was when I joined Screen Actors Guild in the year 1981. To me having my SAG card made me feel better than having a credit card. I felt like a million dollars. I am proud to say that I earned my card the old fashioned way by having dialogue in my first union film, “They Call Me Bruce” which was released in 1982." – Nathaniel K. Dorsey

“I'm proud to be a member of SAG-AFTRA. I love acting. It’s always exciting to be on set meeting new people.” – Michael Lawrence Kaye

"I'm a proud union member, because it represents a significant rite of passage for every working professional in the entertainment industry." – Mandell Frazier

“All of us work at Total Traffic & Weather Network in San Francisco where we report and produce traffic for the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Monterey. We're a proud SAG-AFTRA union crew!” – Ted Asregadoo, John Raposas, Andrea Winkler and John Woo

" over 40 year member. As founder of the Veterans Speakers Forum in Palm Beach, FL, we visit schools to educate students of all ages to honor those who served. I’m also founder of the one and only Veterans Memorabilia Museum & Education Center in Palm Beach." – Cpl. Burt Richards

"SAG-AFTRA gives you a chance to meet with — and give you the support of — fellow actors, because acting is a very different world and most people who do not live in that world would not understand the trials, tribulations and challenges that actors face." – Dennis Chun

“Honored to be a part of the SAG-AFTRA journey for 25 years! Great to have a voice and such an amazing organization watching over us!” – Brian Perry

“I booked a regional commercial, and soon after became a proud member! It is one of the greatest blessings and proudest accomplishments of my life thus far.” – Allana Mitchell

“I'm very proud to be a member of SAG-AFTRA – it's truly an honor and a privilege.” – John Paul Tapia

“Becoming a member was the best investment I have ever made for my career. Thanks to the union, I am able to not only live my dream as a working actress, but also accomplish the goals that I set for myself and my career.” – Rose Robertson

"I’m so proud to be part of SAG-AFTRA and to share my membership with so many talented and inspiring peers." – Cristy Joy

"I earned my SAG card in 2008. I was Taft Hartley-ed in on a SAG feature film that was shooting in Los Angeles. I am extremely proud of this Union and everything it stands for. The amazing volunteers, employees, and leaders of SAG are always there when you need them most." – Michael Carollo

"I still remember the feeling of hope when I got my first SAG card. I am grateful for everything SAG-AFTRA does for actors!" – Dominique Kang

“The day I got my card in the mail I jumped up and down! I felt so proud of myself and of all my hard work.” – Benjamin Plessala

"I became eligible to join working on a AFTRA principal contract on Jimmy Kimmel Live! I joined SAG shortly after. Thank you Jimmy!" – David Campbell

"Acting is what I wanted to do with my life. It is what I'm doing with my life. Because of SAG-AFTRA, I'm a working union actress and a proud and grateful member." – Edna Figueroa

“Got my SAG-AFTRA card on the film "The Trial." I played a used car salesman to the great Robert Forster. He was so nice, he gave me a silver letter opener to me after we shot. He said he always gives a gift to an actor he hasn't acted with before.” – Gary Ray Moore

“SAG-AFTRA has always been there for me. I am grateful and proud to be a member of this union!” – Carolyn Power

"I'm a proud, hardworking SAG-AFTRA member of over 10 years. I love my union and all SAG-AFTRA does for me. I'm proud to be a member because of all the support, negotiating expertise, defense, patience and assistance I receive as a member." – Ali Lexa

“I don't regret joining the union for a second – I've never felt more confident in a decision.” – Jody Matzer

"I joined SAG and AFTRA in 1979 – I was nine years old. For the past thirty-nine years, I have been a very proud member of SAG and AFTRA. I look forward to many more years of SAG-AFTRA membership!" – Elliot Jaffe

"I worked under AFTRA on The Love Experts and won a couch! A year later, I was thrilled to join SAG, which led to my first SAG job, a small role on Cheers." – Milda Dacys

“I got my AFTRA card from doing a feature background role on the TV show The Good Wife. I am proud to be a union member because our representatives fight for the equality we as actors deserve when working long hours on a set.” – Craig Scribner

“I am a proud SAG-AFTRA member because knowing that I am part of this elite group of professional performers is such an amazing feeling. It feels so great knowing that I have a world of opportunity opening up for myself. Knowing that I am protected in a working environment and have all these fantastic benefits is an incredible and wonderful feeling that only a SAG-AFTRA member can experience.” – Johnny Palomarez Jr.

"I'm a morning radio personality in Chicago, and have been a SAG-AFTRA member since 2009. I've had a career filled with blessings, including my current position working at the Big 89, WLS-AM." – Jennifer DeSalvo

"Proud member of SAG-AFTRA since 1997!" – Frank Eramo

“I became an AFTRA member at six years old, and then I became a SAG-AFTRA member when they merged. Even though I am young, I am doing big things through SAG-AFTRA, and the best is yet to come. I love being a member of SAG-AFTRA.” – Samantha Autry

"I’m so thankful that SAG-AFTRA is in my corner." – Arden Goldberg

"I enjoy the SAG-AFTRA life and am proud I’m a SAG-AFTRA member!” – Boyce Wong

“I'm part of the New Media generation. I received my SAG card in 2010 through GUIDES WebSeries, where I was so blessed to create my character, learn how to produce, and help with writing content. Working on that project gave me the confidence to go off and create my own content.” – Jennifer Nangle

“SAG-AFTRA helped me when I needed it most. I have never forgotten that generosity and compassion.” – Nate Di Palma

“SAG-AFTRA membership, to me, stands for more than the benchmark of professionalism. It stands for the belief that we as performers have earned respect, a living wage, and the right to stand up for ourselves, because very few others in the business will.” – Brian Plocharczyk

“I earned my SAG card in 1984 in Washington D.C., when I landed a part in the movie Protocol with Goldie Hawn! My membership has opened all kinds of doors and legitimized me as an actor!” – Scott Woodside

“I'm a proud SAG-AFTRA member since 2007!” – Debbie Rich

“I cried tears as I climbed the long walk up Beacon Hill to the SAG office with my initiation check and work voucher in my hot little hand the day I joined this union. We make the best movies in the world.” – Susan Bergeron

"I'm so happy to be a member of SAG-AFTRA because my rights are protected and my professionalism is always on show! I have done my best work through SAG-AFTRA!" – Justine Harrison

“Got my SAG card after many years. My hard work has paid off!” – Fernando Mateo Jr.

“I struggled terribly as a musician, singer, and actor for twenty years. Then, 14 years ago, I got a featured voice on a Disney animated feature, and that got me my SAG card. Three years later, I had paid off my little house in Springfield, Illinois with the initial performance fees and residuals, gotten a steady gig at the live theater inside the Lincoln Presidential Museum, and had street cred with agents, venues, and bookers for live performances – all because I had leveraged the opportunity and privilege of becoming a working union member!” – Randy Skalicky

“Qualified for my card by playing a one line part as the 10th outlaw in Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann back in the early 80s. I love all unions, but mostly SAG-AFTRA!” – Curtis Plagge

"I'm grateful that I'm able to call SAG-AFTRA my family, that I get to work with amazing artists, that I get to be inspired and inspire." – Daniela Dakich

“I'm a proud member since 1990. Worked background for about 8 years, did a lot of studying, worked really hard and got my SAG card. Proud and thankful to have all the resources and help over the years from my union. Thank you SAG-AFTRA!” – Michael Andolini

“I became an official SAG-AFTRA member in early 2013. I was very proud of that initial membership pin because I put it on my favorite baseball cap at that time. Thank you SAG-AFTRA.” – Ravi Smith

"I am absolutely proud of being a member of this union! It reminds me that I have the fortitude to stay the course no matter how difficult the path." – Bobby Foster

"SAG-AFTRA was the open door that led to me being able to make my living – and get health benefits – in my chosen profession." – Luane Davis Haggerty

“I became a member of AFTRA when I was hired at Buckley Broadcasting (WDRC-FM & AM) back in the 70s, and have enjoyed the benefits of being a union member through my work and affiliations in the voiceover industry. Thanks for everything SAG-AFTRA!” – Thomas Varhol

“I became a member because I love being a part of the big pictures, stories and reflections that follow!” – M’ary Warren

“To me SAG-AFTRA means you are serious about your craft. You work under contracts and in return you receive residuals, access to health insurance, retirement benefits, and safe working conditions, etc. Bottom line, I like the collective strength and support that comes from being a SAG-AFTRA member.” – Kel L. Owens

“I have been acting for 34 years professionally, and I love what I do and am happy that I get to do what I love to do. I love the SAG-AFTRA community.” – Taiger Williams

"Being a SAG-AFTRA member marks me as a true working actor and opens the door for benefits, networking, and more union jobs to showcase my skills as a professional actor. I am very proud to be in this great union! – Ana Therese Lopez

“Got my card while I was doing The Twilight Zone in 1959 and was so good as a GI, the next day I was drafted!” – Ron Masak

“I so appreciate the work that SAG, and now SAG-AFTRA, has done over the years to address safety concerns and fairness concerns.” – Kathleen Rockney

“Thank you SAG-AFTRA for being my voice on many important issues.” – Duane Garrett

“I’m proud to be a SAG-AFTRA member because each and every time I am on a set, I am treated with dignity and respect.” – Michelle Peeples

"I got my SAG card when I was 7 years old when I got bumped into a speaking role from background on a TV show. I like my SAG-AFTRA card, because it means I get good food on movie sets." – Noah KP

"When I received my letter, I knew I’d made it." – Nikki Estridge

I decided late in life to pursue my dream. I moved to Hollywood and have been gaining credits ever since. I was lucky enough to be working on the right movie at the right time and was able to join SAG-AFTRA. – Seth Di Marco

"Being the only SAG-AFTRA member named Santa Claus helps ensure that my image, likeness, and message are not diluted or misappropriated. I'm grateful for that protection and for all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into our successful labor movement – helping ensure a safe, productive, and prosperous work environment for all actors, especially children." – Santa Claus

“I greatly appreciate SAG-AFTRA because I has been protected by the legal department many times against unfair treatment by producers.” – Nina X. Zuo

“My first SAG job was an industrial training film for General Motors in Michigan!” – Phoenix Nugent

"A proud member for over 30 years!" – Gary Bolen

“I received my card working on Michael Bay's The Island!” – Alexander von Roon

“It was 1979 and I was only in L.A. for a couple of years when my new agent sent me on an audition for a Red Lobster Restaurant commercial. I was called back from that and the rest is history! I’ve been a proud member for many, many years!” – Jeffrey Paul Morgan

"I was fortunate to get waivers to be a stand-in/photo double for Jon Voight. Now I'm enjoying work and the benefits of being a SAG-AFTRA union member!" – Bernie Cavanaugh

“Proud member since 2005!” – Scott Charles Blamphin

“Was Taft Hartley-ed in 2000 for a special ability, waited a few years, and decided to join. Glad I did!” – Christopher Stewart

“Wanting to be a "professional actor" and a member of SAG was something I always aspired to be. I am duly proud to be a member of SAG-AFTRA.” – Sheppard Blumenthal

“Thanks to my union, I have received a decent working wage, health benefits that have helped me through a couple of surgeries, and covered the costs of the births of my two children. And, I have a pension in my not too distant future.” – Richard Wharton

"Since joining SAG-AFTRA, my relationship to the work has changed. I see membership as a conscious commitment to raise the level of quality of my performances as an actor, celebrate work of talented colleagues, and guide newcomers to safely, effectively and affordably navigate their way through the business." – Marc Isaacs

“I'm proud to be part of the union – it brings us together.” – Nisey Woods

“I have been a proud member since 2008. Let’s keep supporting one another.” – Marcus T. Thomas

"Proud SAG-AFTRA member since 2006, and proud to work with the most talented men and women in the business!" – Justin Louis

"I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a community that has been supporting artists for over 80 years." – Shalitras Flowers

"The feeling of accomplishment when I received the letter from SAG telling me I was eligible was amazing, but the day I went into the New York branch my knees were knocking. I remember my agent accompanied me. We were both so proud of this accomplishment in my career. Eight years later, I am just as thrilled whenever I flash back to that monumental day. Thank you SAG-AFTRA for all the opportunities you have afforded me." – Carla Rae Holland

“I’m proud and grateful to be a member.” – Tony Russell

"Now that I'm a member and am part of this national family, I carry my card with pride and hold my head high. I'm honored to say I'm a SAG-AFTRA member, and I know I will be for life!" – Janine Lorraine

"I feel very fortunate, grateful, and blessed to be protected, educated, entertained and valued as an artist and person in a union I dreamed about joining for over a decade. Keep this great union going strong!" – Bill Ehrin

"I am so proud to be a new member!" – Gabrielle Iarocci

“I appreciate this union and the opportunities it continues to bring me in doing what I love.” – Mitchell Berkman

"I was fortunate enough to join AFTRA two weeks before the merger. A short while after, I left NYC to pursue my film acting dreams in Los Angeles. I attended new member orientation and discovered that the SAG-AFTRA community was filled with great possibility and opportunity for performer growth. I am proud to say that being a SAG-AFTRA member has taught me many valuable lessons, as well as provided a support system in which I never thought I would have after I had traveled 3,000 miles away from home. Infinite gratitude to SAG-AFTRA – all for one and one for all." – Christina Bobrowsky

"I’ve used my membership to get better paying jobs!" – PJ Edwards

"I'm proud to be a member since 2004." – Ron Fallica

“We're a card-carrying family, as my mom, my sister and my son are also proud members. I am an actor, singer and dancer and have been paying dues to this great union since 1987. The rewards are worth it.” – Becky Maltby

“I’m a proud SAG-AFTRA union member because I get to create indelible images and voices that can change the world.” – Towanda Underdue

“While I was working on the very first Men In Black back in 1996, many of us were called aside and were told that we all had been Taft Hartley-ed into the union. So thus I became a member shortly thereafter, and have been ever since!” – John Richard Phillips II

"I got my card after being principled in a Special Olympics commercial!" – Shannon Dieriex

“SAG-AFTRA helps actors like me. I look forward to a lifetime of membership." – Kaegan Baron

“I've been a member since 1989, and I am still as proud today as the day I received my card and pin. Every step of the way my union had been there for me. This is my family!” – Pamela Weaver

"I am a SAG-AFTRA member for 36 years, and my daughter has been a member for 11 years!" – Rudy C. Jones

"I'm a proud SAG-AFTRA member since 1985! 30+ years of plugging away and I've loved every minute of it! Thank you SAG-AFTRA!" – Jerry Hauck

"I am happy to be a SAG-AFTRA member, and have been since 2006. I was so happy when I received my union card. Make our union strong – one union, one voice!" – Linda Ann Eknoian

"My union card has been good to me." – Phill Colombo

"I'm a proud union member because to me, my membership card is a symbol of my professionalism." – Noel Ill

"I am proud to have my SAG-AFTRA card because SAG-AFTRA takes care of its members." – Tirlok Malik

"Very proud to be a card-carrying member!" – Greg Grunberg

"The earnings and working conditions of all actors are influenced by the strength of organized labor like SAG-AFTRA." – Kathryn Browning

"I received my SAG-AFTRA eligibility after being Taft Hartley-ed on a pilot. I joined last May, and it has brought me amazing opportunities and resources to help me become a better actor." – Michael Barlow

"Twenty-seven years of commercials, soaps and films has been a wonderful ride, I love the work, the people and the travel! I met my husband on a film audition and both our kids are proud SAG-AFTRA members!" – Teja Anderson

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