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Incentives by State


  • $100,000,000 Tax Credit Fund
  • Must spend at least $100,000 in a consecutive 24 month period
  • 30% transferable tax credit on qualified expenditures
  • Claim an extra 10% for wages paid to Alaska residents
  • Claim an extra 2% if filming in a rural area
  • Claim an extra 2% if filming between October 1 and March 30
  • No salary cap per employee per production


  • The Big Sky on the Big Screen Act
  • No Fund Limit
  • No Per Production Cap
  • 14% incentive on Montana Labor
  • Applies to first $50,000 of wages per Montana resident
  • 9% incentive on Montana expenditures
  • Includes hotel and lodging expenditures, production equipment rental, fuel costs, expendables, lumber/construction materials, vehicle rentals, and food expenditures.
  • Montana has no sales tax.


  • Funded at $3,500,000
  • No per Production Cap
  • 20% return on all qualified in-state expenditures (including Washington based labor and talent)
  • Production must spend
  • $500,000 Feature Films
  • $300,000 Television
  • $150,000 Commercials
  • State sales and use tax off rental equipment, services, vehicles
  • Hotel/Motel tax exemption on 30-day stay
  • Vendor Discount Deals for below-the-line services
  • Seattle permit $25/day, including city owned property

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