Entertainment Partners has requested that payroll verification requests be submitted through their Crew & Talent Inquiries form.

  1. If you were paid by Entertainment Partners, please click here to download the Entertainment Partners inquiries request form.
  2. Complete all form fields in the document.
    • For "Email" add your email followed by a semicolon (;) and SCR@sagaftra.org (i.e. - yourpersonal@email.com; SCR@sagaftra.org) so SAG-AFTRA can be copied on Entertainment Partners’ response.
    • For "What is the Issue, Question, or Request" copy and paste the following text:
      • Requesting all Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Performer records for SAG-AFTRA’s Stunt Coordinator Eligibility Tracker/Process. In addition to my email, please cc SAG-AFTRA at SCR@sagaftra.org with this information.
  3. Email the completed document to w2group@ep.com

PLEASE NOTE: Entertainment Partners does not accept electronic signatures (e.g., DocuSign, SignNow, eSign). They will accept a scan or photo of your wet signature along with your request.

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