Regional Commercials Code

The 2019 election is behind us, but candidates running in the 2020 general election will soon be gearing up their campaign advertising and voter outreach efforts. As professional union performers, you have a stake in encouraging those running for elected office to use the very best talent when it comes to creating vibrant, effective communications and media materials!

The time to reach out to local, state, county and legislative district party organizations (and those candidates who have declared) is now. Urge them to embrace #adsgounion and employ professional performers under SAG-AFTRA contracts when conveying their campaign’s messaging – and remind them that SAG-AFTRA’s new Pacific Northwest Commercials Code makes short-term ad buys with union performers quite affordable.

Please let us know which candidates you’ve contacted at We’d love to see the candidates’ responses, too – forward them along to that address!

To find a list of candidates running in Oregon, click here. To find a list of candidates running in Washington, click here.

A listing of state and county political party organizations and contacts can be found here and here


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