Please be advised that Mafia Connected Productions, LLC , the producer of the feature film Faction of a Hitman has not executed a minimum basic agreement that is in full force and effect. As such, SAG-AFTRA members are hereby instructed to withhold any acting services for this production until further notice. Please note, accepting employment or rendering services on Faction of a Hitman may be considered a violation of Global Rule One.
Therefore, all SAG-AFTRA members are hereby informed that no member may accept work or appear on the above production. Violating this order may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA Constitution.   

Should you have any questions about the notice, please contact Marisa Leal, Director Entertainment Contracts, at or (323) 549-6039 or Lorna Badeo, Sr. Manager Entertainment Contracts, at (323) 549-6844

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