Safety4Media is the second in series of online initiatives by the SAG-AFTRA Campaign for Quality Journalism.

SAG-AFTRA believes that quality journalism is at the heart of every democratic society. In the United States, journalists are protected by the First Amendment. Quality journalism thrives when journalists have unfettered access to the people, places and documents they need to investigate and report the truth; when they have a voice in maintaining editorial and professional standards; and when they are safe in their job, wherever they may be. As the union for broadcast journalists, SAG-AFTRA has always been committed to the fight for quality journalism.

Journalists face a number of challenges in an industry experiencing seismic shifts. Worldwide, the resources devoted to news gathering and reporting are shrinking. Consequently, we are seeing the shrinking of newsroom staff, increased use of temporary workers and the consolidation of newsroom duties to a smaller and smaller workforce. The SAG-AFTRA Campaign for Quality Journalism focuses attention on the challenges journalists face and seeks solutions based on discussion and debate among journalists, academics, foundations, employers and other stakeholders.

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Are you in an unsafe environment? Do you know of hot spots that need attention? Email us your confidential information. SAG-AFTRA will work to ensure that all news agencies are providing adequate security and training their staff on the most effective safety practices. You may submit your reports confidentially and/or request that your name be withheld from any report.

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