Stakeholder Comments Requested by December 9

As part of its continuing mission to expand upon and forge new industry relationships, SAG-AFTRA today announces the start of a consultation process in preparation for the final release and implementation of a Personal Manager Code of Ethics and Conduct ("Code"), a voluntary agreement that will be designed to promote honest and ethical relationships between the union’s members and those they choose to represent them as a manager.
The purpose of the document is to further enhance relations with personal managers and ensure SAG-AFTRA members have access to appropriate representation with all the rights and obligations contained therein. 
“The Code has been years in the conceiving and making, and has been driven by our members who identified a need for it,” said Zino Macaluso, national director/senior counsel for Agency Relations. “We have been developing it over time, with input from dozens of personal managers and, of course, our members. At this point, we are ready to reach out to all affected stakeholders to elicit their feedback. SAG-AFTRA is eager to hear from all interested parties and incorporate any constructive comments we may receive into the final version of the document."
Interested stakeholders should send their observations and comments to, a dedicated email address set up for members and managers alike to communicate with the union. On December 9, 2013, SAG-AFTRA will hold a meeting with managers nationwide to discuss and receive their feedback on the proposed draft document.

“We share a common interest with managers, which is advocating for our members – and their clients,” Macaluso said. “The Code is intended to be a safe place to land for managers and performers alike, under the umbrella of SAG-AFTRA, and we’re extremely pleased to be able to acknowledge and support the relationships our members have forged with personal managers in this way. This is the first step in strengthening SAG-AFTRA's important relationship with the management community.”
The Code of Ethics and Conduct is intended to be a completely voluntary document that is designed to protect both managers and SAG-AFTRA members, by deepening the ties between managers and the union. As the draft document now being circulated demonstrates, managers will be asked to provide several pieces of information to the union as part of the process of being listed with SAG-AFTRA. These include, providing a resume and three professional business references; a list of SAG-AFTRA members who are clients; all addresses used for business; all professional affiliations; acknowledging they do not solicit employment for their clients, except in conjunction with a licensed talent agent, and are not licensed by any State as a talent or employment agency.

Personal managers applying to sign-on to the Code of Ethics and Conduct would also agree to provide the union copies of their contracts with each member, including their schedule of fees.
The working document also includes preconditions to which managers must agree before signing. Highlights include:

  • Putting the member’s interests above their own and not deriving personal gain at a member’s expense.
  • Being truthful and acting in an honest, ethical and appropriate manner.
  • Encouraging SAG-AFTRA member clients to uphold their obligations to the union.
  • Keeping SAG-AFTRA member client’s funds in a client escrow or trust account.
  • Never using self-renewing provisions or collecting up front/advance fees or charges of any kind.
  • Respecting and supporting the relationship SAG-AFTRA members have with their talent agents.
  • Assisting a SAG-AFTRA member client search for a franchised talent agent.
  • Agreeing to arbitrate disputes through SAG-AFTRA.

Personal managers who choose to sign on to the final Code will have their name and information listed on the SAG-AFTRA website. The Code does not interfere with any future or existing relationships between members and their managers, nor does it create a conflict with the union’s franchised agency agreements.


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