Jeanne Rogers

On Dec. 5, the Portland Conservatory hosted its final event of the year, The Art of Imagination at Scott Rogers Studios in northeast Portland. The event was limited to a dozen actors from the Pacific Northwest region and was filled up — including a couple of lucky folks from the waiting list. The group was treated to a wonderfully fun evening of work that looked a lot more like playing. Actor, director and teacher Jeanne Rogers led the evening in her incredibly endearing and engaging style, daring the actors to let go of everything and play with the commitment to imagination that children have.

The evening began with each actor writing on a small piece of paper an audition room habit or behavior they wish to break. After writing it down and reflecting on it for a moment, Jeanne asked all of the actors to tear up their pieces of paper, toss them into the recycling bin and enter the studio for the workshop. Then began a marvelous night of workshopping that was very reminiscent of classes for young actors.

The workshop focused on games and exercises that focused on ignoring the mind clutter of adulthood and engaging that childlike immersion in a world of pure imagination. It makes perfect sense: Jeanne has been teaching acting to young people for decades, and brings that experience and expertise to a workshop that every adult actor should attend.

While observing, it was easy to be a bit envious of the actors who attended this workshop. They were all having a fantastic time, and you could really see some "a-ha" moments happening throughout. 

Thank you, Jeanne Rogers (and Scott), for closing out the year for the Conservatory in grand fashion.

Photo: SAG-AFTRA member and acting coach Jeanne Rogers takes Portland-area performers through their paces at her Art of Imagination workshop presented by the SAG-AFTRA Portland Conservatory held on Dec. 5.


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