Members receive their dipolmas before the viewing party.

More than 25 members stopped waiting for their next audition and seized the opportunity to create their own low budget union short film during the Take Two: The Do-It-Yourself Short Film Series six-week course hosted by the Chicago Local at the Kaufherr Center.

Beginning on Sept. 23 and finishing on Oct 28, members learned the complete filmmaking process. Subjects included scriptwriting, fundraising, budgeting, film equipment, directing, legal, contracts, hiring cast and crew, filming, editing and post-production. Each of the topics were presented by members of the local independent film community.

Participation in this intensive course required mandatory attendance, completing all homework assignments given and signing a SAG-AFTRA Short Project Agreement.

On Nov. 18, after a brief graduation ceremony that included receiving diplomas for completing the six-week course, students had a viewing party of their short films at the Kaufherr Center.  

Photo: Members receive their diplomas before the viewing party.


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