Members show their pride at the May 21 membership meeting.

“Know what role you are auditioning for before your actual audition,” said casting director and guest speaker Nancy Mosser. On May 21, approximately 60 members, both performers and broadcasters, attended the SAG-AFTRA Ohio-Pittsburgh Local annual meeting at Pittsburgh eatery Olive or Twist to get the most recent updates on the local as well as glean the best disciplines on ‘audition etiquette.’  

Opening up the meeting with the latest report was Local President Paul Martino, followed by Local Executive Director Brian Lysell, who gave an in-depth recap on broadcasting and business priorities for the upcoming year. Chelsea Danley Rodgers presented a concrete breakdown on the newly revised Ohio-Pittsburgh Regional Commercials Code and successful organizing initiative in addition to a summary of the ongoing productions within the region. Apart from film and television production, commercials for Highmark, UPMC, PA Lottery and Nationwide Insurance continue to move the industry forward.  

Captivating the night was Nancy Mosser, who took the rostrum to provide the precedence for a good audition. Not sure about the specifics of your role? Call your agent for further information and if you are still unsure, call the casting office. Memorize your lines? Not for the initial audition. Better to stay flexible. However, should you garner a callback, know your lines. Greet the client? When meeting a client, there is no need to shake hands unless they extend their hands first. And, please eliminate those awkward hugs. Catch up with fellow actors? If you are in the waiting area, silence is key. What to wear? Dress according to your role and whatever you do, leave your perfume and cologne at home. 

Immediately after her presentation, Nancy opened the floor for Q&A, which fostered discussion on how best to book that commercial. We, as performers, have little input in casting decisions, but we do have big input when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. That’s why we have to implement our best business practices in audition etiquette.  

Again, the Ohio-Pittsburgh Local annual meeting proved to be another huge success as members reconvened to hear what was and what is yet to come. With a solid local in place and mounting opportunities in the pipeline, there is much to look forward to!

— Linda Froehlich for the Ohio-Pittsburgh newsletter.


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