Signatory: The Bowmans
Location: Orange County, CA
Shoot Dates: Monday, Jan. 23 – Friday, Feb. 3

The Bowmans Film Production is casting for their independent feature film.

Logline: When a torrential storm engulfs the city, a self-righteous pastor is shell-shocked when his wife of 20 years serves him with divorce papers, leaving him scrambling to save his marriage while trapped in the family home with their disgruntled adult children.

Seeking performers able to portray the following:

(1) African American male, late 40s – Sam Bowman
(2) African American female, late 40s – Beth Bowman
(3) African American male, early 20s – Zach Bowman
(4) African American female, early 20s – Jewel Bowman
(5) African American male, late 20s – Deacon Mike

Sam Bowman (Lead): He's selfish, pushy and charismatic. He puts his pastor work above family and all else. We need someone with a commanding presence and voice. Familiarity with Southern churches / lifestyle a Plus.

Beth Bowman (Lead): A perfect church wife who finally found her independence and voice. We need someone who can handle the emotions of reclaiming her own identity and have an authentic sista-girl quality. Familiarity with Southern churches/lifestyle a plus.

Zach Bowman (Supporting): He's a mama's boy and up who has unresolved issues with his father. We need someone who can handle the complexities of a tough exterior but show flashes of gentleness. Playboy charm a plus.

Deacon Mike (Supporting): The ever loving, bible quoting, sidekick. A funny yes man who's willing to grow. Comedic background preferred.

Jewel Bowman (Supporting): The perfect preacher's daughter with issues. She struggles with being obedient to her father's demands and wanting to be true to herself. Show an emotional struggle, yet be hip, edgy and a little brazen as her character grows. Familiarity with southern churches / lifestyle a plus.

Rehearsal: Early January

Submission/Audition Instructions: Send your headshot, resume, link to your acting reel and record a short video of yourself acting out something that occurs in a southern church or within a southern family to Feel free to be creative. Deadline: Dec. 30.

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by law, unless otherwise specifically indicated.
This casting notice is a courtesy to the signatory producer and as an informational service to SAG-AFTRA LA Local members. SAG-AFTRA has no responsibility for the email’s content or for the referenced project. Any questions should be addressed to The Bowman Film Production. This is not intended to serve as an endorsement of any party or project referenced herein.


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