SB33 SD3 Relating to Economic Development has crossed over into the Hawaii House of Representatives and will be heard before the joint House Economic Development and Business and House Committee on Lower and Higher Education (EDB/LHE) at 9:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 13 in room 309. 
The hearing notice can be viewed here.
Time is of the essence with regards to your testimony as the hearing is set for Wednesday. Testimony must be submitted by 9:50 am, Tuesday, March 12 to be considered at the hearing. 
Submitting testimony is easy. Go to the bill’s status page by clicking here (you can read the bill, previous testimony, drafts of the measure and committee reports). In the upper right-hand part of the screen click on the blue “Submit Testimony” button. 
If you have not already created a login, you will be instructed on how to do so. After that, it is just a few clicks to have your voice heard. 
When submitting testimony, you need not write anything; it is as simple as clicking the “SUPPORT” button. However, if you are so inclined to write more, please consider:

  1. Asking that the ceiling is removed.
  2. Supporting the building of a new studio in West Oahu (see below for a recap of the new amendments).
  3. Sharing a little about how you are connected to the industry (actor/performer, background performer, stunt performer, etc.).
  4. Stating that this incentive program creates jobs and generates revenue for the state.

This hearing will accept oral testimony. If you would like to attend the hearing in person, please let Hawaii Local Executive Director Mericia Palma Elmore know. We need a large number of testimonies submitted via the portal in time before the hearing to send the message that this is important to our membership.
A recap and some background on this bill’s journey:
As many of you may know, the film industry in Hawaii enjoys a 20-25% Motion Picture, Digital Media, & Film Production Tax credit. This credit is designed to encourage production in the state, and it attracts productions that employ many of our members. 
More information about the tax credit can be found here
Two years ago, the legislature imposed a cap on the credit. We are asking the legislature to remove the ceiling for the Film and Digital Media tax credit.
The bill passed out of the Senate with two significant amendments:

  1. The tax credit is extended to 2030.
  2. The extension and repeal of the cap are contingent on the state acquiring title to a 30-acre parcel of land from the University of Hawaii West Oahu.

SB33 SD3 is currently referred to four committees (EDB/LHE is a joint referral). While this usually could be seen as a “death sentence” for a bill, we are working expeditiously and diligently behind the scenes to getting this passed through.
Thank you for your support and the time to read this email. Please contact with questions.


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