Last fall, SAG-AFTRA’s L.A.-based News & Broadcast staff launched a mentorship program, inviting students from numerous colleges and universities across the Southland, and more than 45 attended. The program featured distinguished local TV and radio broadcasters Dave Lopez (KCBS/KCAL2), Patrick Healy (KNBC4), Oswaldo Borraez (KMEX34), Julio Cesar Ortiz (KMEX34), Mike Sakellarides (KTWV), Chris Little (KFI), Margaret Prescod (KPFK), and Priska Neely and Michelle Faust (KPCC). As part of the program, these mentors shared personal insights about the hyper-competitive broadcast industry, offered suggestions about internships, discussed job search strategies and provided feedback on demo reels. Another such event is planned for late spring. 

Photo: Julio Cesar Ortiz (KMEX34), one of the panelist mentors, worked with Southern California students at SAG-AFTRA Plaza on Oct. 28.



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