What is an actor’s brand? A Sept. 11 workshop at the San Francisco-Northern California Local aimed to help performers find out more about themselves to discover their “brand.” Facilitated by Erika Pérez, the class helped performers learn what they project when they walk into a room, how others perceive them and how they might use that information to increase their odds of being cast.

The workshop brought actors together to examine their visual brand through a thorough categorization of each actor’s perceived lifestyle, profession, stereotype and true essence. From an initial visual assessment, they considered, is this actor athletic, earthly, exotic, offbeat, quirky or wholesome? Are they an archeologist, bartender, artist, detective, sports reporter, schoolteacher or tattoo artist? The feedback helped attendees learn a lot about themselves and their fellow actors.

Photo: Members gather on Sept. 11 for a branding workshop led by Erika Pérez.



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