"Beware of COVID-19 Casting Scams"

SAG-AFTRA has been made aware of fake casting notices purporting to be seeking models for Paris Fashion Week. This notice references SAG-AFTRA and uses the COVID-19 crisis to solicit self-tape “auditions.” The notice purports to be from Impossible Casting and uses an email address close to an unrelated agent’s email address. Talent that respond to the casting notice reportedly are being asked to provide passport information and nude “audition videos.” We are advised that neither Impossible Casting nor the individual whose name is being used have any involvement in this clearly fake posting. Additionally, SAG-AFTRA does not cover modeling work and has no knowledge of this purported project. 

We find it appalling that someone would use this global crisis to take advantage of our members and those who aspire to work under our contracts. It is even more troubling that someone would do so in order to obtain personally identifiable information and nude videos that can be used for nefarious and salacious purposes.

You should always exercise caution when submitting personally identifiable information and audition tapes. Please note, in addition, that no SAG-AFTRA franchised agent is authorized to solicit materials of a sexual nature from any current or future member; it is a violation of SAG-AFTRA agency regulations to do so. To the best of our knowledge, no union franchised agent is associated with this nefarious scheme, but we urge members to report any concerns they may have about their agents as it relates to this, or any other, issue, by calling the SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department at (323) 549-6745 or by emailing us at agency@sagaftra.org. It is even more critical now, when individuals with ill intent may seek to take advantage of the current production shutdown and everyone’s desire to return to work.


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