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We’re taking this opportunity to flashback to our SAG-AFTRA National Convention and hear from some who were elected first-time delegates and/or local board members.

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Five Things That Can Make Filing Taxes Easier Now (and into the Future)

Tax season can be an oftentimes-stressful experience for the average taxpayer, but for freelance performers, it can be especially … well, taxing. After all, the work of an actor, singer, dancer or stuntperson is different from other occupations, and for many, practicing their profession is as much of an investment in time as it is in cost.

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SAG-AFTRA Has Journalism Conferences Covered

From Texas to Minnesota, SAG-AFTRA members and staff brought their expertise to journalism conferences this year. They evangelized the importance of union protections, discussed issues important to broadcasters and helped answer contract questions.

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