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President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Safety Bulletin

What You Need to Know

To the greatest extent possible, SAG-AFTRA business representatives make a special effort to maintain the anonymity of members filing claims and reporting safety issues, particularly when reporting a potentially dangerous situation.

Report All Contract Violations

Reporting any violations of the general terms of the contract helps SAG-AFTRA become aware of issues before they become industrywide practices.

Especially Report Safety Issues

Reporting issues of safety is especially important. The sooner the union is aware of a safety issue, the sooner we can address it with the company. Areas involving hazardous activities and possible stunts are obvious, but there are other issues that would fall into the area of safety as well. For example, the possible use of improper chemicals when creating smoke and fog or working in apparent hazardous locations, like old abandoned warehouses or buildings with excessive chipped and peeling paint.

Anonymity Concerns

Understandably, many members have concerns about their anonymity when filing claims of any kind with the union. However, SAG-AFTRA business representatives have been trained to maintain your anonymity to the greatest extent possible. In some instances anonymity will not be possible, and in those instances business representatives will discuss any concerns you have prior to filing a claim. Instances where it’s more challenging to protect anonymity include workdays where only one or two people were working when a contract violation occurred.

Safety and Anonymity

In issues of safety, SAG-AFTRA will make a special effort to maintain the anonymity of the members reporting a potentially dangerous situation. The sooner we know your concerns about a safety issue on a set, the easier it is for the union to proactively go to locations before something becomes a safety issue.

Click here to download the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Safety Bulletin: Anonymity in Filing Claims and Reporting Safety Issues

To report to SAG-AFTRA issues regarding safety, call:

Emergency Hotline
(844) SAFER SET/(844) 723-3773
24 hours, seven days a week

Non-Emergency Safety Line
(323) 765-2911, M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PT
(voicemail is available)


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