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If you are a Stunt Coordinator currently working on an AMPTP production or have previously worked on one, please read the following carefully. Send only your name, the AMPTP production you are currently or previously employed on and your email address to to register for this mandatory safety training. Send no additional information in the email.  

If you have already submitted your information and received confirmation PLEASE DO NOT resubmit it.  If you submitted your information and did not receive a confirmation, please send an email to with the same information as stated above.  

During the 2017 TV/Theatrical contract negotiations, SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP agreed to Safety Training for Stunt Coordinators, inclusive of harassment prevention training. This consists of basic training modules required of employers. The modules, all available online, are based on similar requirements from regulatory agencies such as OSHA, which insure that employees have a general awareness of safety. The training courses include: General Safety and Injury and Illness Prevention, Environmental Safety, Hazard Communication and Harassment Prevention.

It is imperative that all Stunt Coordinators currently or previously working on an AMPTP production comply, and SAG-AFTRA encourages you do so as soon as possible because your employment as a Stunt Coordinator could be affected.

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