Some of the health fair activities

October was a busy month for The Actors Fund in Chicago. Actors Fund staff was in town to present several free programs for Chicago Local members and the local entertainment community at the Kaufherr Center. 

Actors Fund Health Benefits Specialist Vincent Musolino hosted the Get Enrolled seminar on Nov. 1. Topics included how to apply on the marketplace, income eligibility for financial assistance or free coverage, how to estimate variable income for the application, how to choose a cost-effective plan and what to do if performers are uninsured.

The free health fair on Oct. 30, included flu shots; blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screenings; rapid HIV screening and counseling; PrEP and PEP info; dental consultations; and physical therapy consultations.

On Oct. 22, members attended a special workshop on affordable housing. The two-hour workshop was designed especially for the entertainment community and arts workers. Director of Affordable Housing Initiatives Daniel Arnow discussed what constitutes affordable housing, how it works, and how to help members get prepared to search and apply. The workshop also included an overview of affordable housing programs, historical context for housing in Chicago, information on the Chicago Housing Plan and housing opportunities currently in development. 

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Musolino conducting the health insurance seminar. Photo by Ashley J. Dearborn.

Daniel Arnow and member David August discuss housing.


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