One of Seattle’s premier public radio stations, KUOW 94.9, recently formed their union with SAG-AFTRA and is working hard towards their first union contract. Currently, contract negotiations are at a stall and they need your support! 
This Friday, March 8, at noon, there will be a twitter blast happening. This will be in the midst of a week-long pledge drive for KUOW and broadcasters working tirelessly to make sure their beloved station stays funded. Their ask is twofold: 
1. TWEET your support: Here are some samples but feel free to make your own! 
a. I stand in solidarity with @KUOW workers and their fight to win their first SAG-AFTRA contract! R/T your support! #WeMakeKUOW #SoundStoriesSoundWages 
b. I donated money to @KUOW in solidarity with @KUOW workers striving to win their first union contract! #WeMakeKUOW #SoundStoriesSoundWages 
c. To me, being a union member means [fill in]. I stand with @KUOW workers and their right to a fair union contract! #SoundStoriesSoundWages #WeMakeKUOW
2. If you decide to pledge money, pledge to KUOW in the name of SAG-AFTRA members. You can find the link to the donation page here. In your pledge, write: I am a fellow SAG-AFTRA member. #SoundStoriesSoundWages NOW for KUOW Union Members! 


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