Right now dozens of your fellow SAG-AFTRA members and film workers from across Massachusetts are at the State House to send a message to our legislators to Keep Film Jobs Alive in Massachusetts!

The Film & Television Production Incentive has made Massachusetts a leading filmmaking destination, supporting thousands of families with good-paying jobs and helping countless small businesses.

Under current law, the program will end in 2022, harming this local industry and thousands of good jobs and career opportunities. While 2022 may seem like a long time away, multi-year episodic series and businesses ready to make major investments in MA both need certainty about the future of the program and the industry.

RIGHT NOW the legislature is holding a public hearing on our legislation (H. 2419/ S. 1728) to remove the sunset from the Film & TV production incentive program.

If you can’t make it in person, please contact your legislators today! 

Click here to email your state senator and state representative and ask them to support the bills to eliminate the sunset and to KEEP MASSACHUSETTS FILM JOBS ALIVE!


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