At the 2013 SAG-AFTRA National Convention, officers and delegates considered amendments to the SAG-AFTRA Constitution.

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2013 Convention Actions

The following were approved.

Constitutional Amendments

An errata amendment, making a correction to Article VI(F) (p.21).

An errata amendment, making a correction to Article VIII(E) (p.29).

With exceptions, permits convention to delegate all or part of the convention’s authority to amend the constitution to the national board through Jan. 1, 2016, provided that no amendment may be adopted unless thirty days’ written or electronic notice of the proposed amendment has been provided to each local. If authority is delegated, any amendment adopted by the national board must be adopted by the same supermajority as would be required for the amendment to be adopted by the convention. Article XVIII(A) (new subsection to be added)

Prohibits the union from charging fees (other than dues) to cover the union’s expenses for the collection, distribution or administration of residuals and rerun fees, other than those exempted by Article IV Section B, or those intended to ensure the fair contribution of non-members and non-agency fee payers. Article XI(F) (pp. 38-39)

If a national officer is elected to fill a vacancy, the national board may fill the vacancy created thereby at the same meeting if the vacancy created is the office of president, executive vice president or secretary-treasurer. Article VI(I)(5) (p. 25)

Convention Resolutions

Welcomes and congratulates the Photojournalists’ Unit of KFOR in Oklahoma who organized and approved their first SAG-AFTRA contract.

Delegates to the national board the authority to amend the SAG-AFTRA Constitution (pursuant to 2013-CA-03, above). This delegation of authority may be revoked by the convention at any time.

Resolved that local presidents have two designated forums held annually, one in-person and a second by teleconference.

Recommends that the national board consider, prior to the next regularly scheduled election cycle in 2015, the creation of a background performer category for the purposes of categorical representation equal to the other significant work categories.

Recommends the appointment of a committee of convention delegates and leaders to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the convention and make recommendations for the 2015 convention.

Recommends that the national board create a comprehensive national policy for the appointment of national committee chairs and committee members.

Directs the national board to request meetings with Actors’ Equity Association leadership to explore effective ways to build solidarity and support organizing efforts of both unions.

Supports efforts to encourage State Representatives and lawmakers to pass legislation that will promote job growth and increase local production.

Recognizes and supports the union’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members and fully supports their rights to equal employment opportunity and discrimination-free workplaces.

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