The tabulation results of the Los Angeles Local election were announced on Aug. 29, with Patricia Richardson elected Los Angeles Local president. Frances Fisher was elected first vice president and David Jolliffe was elected second vice president. To see the tabulation results, please visit

In addition, the following candidates ran unopposed and are deemed elected without the necessity of a balloted election. For the Los Angeles Local Board, Rob Archer holds the broadcaster seat while Jasper Randall and Fletcher Sheridan hold the seats for singer/recording artists. On the National Board, Hal Eisner holds the broadcaster (news & entertainment) seat and Dan Navarro holds the singer/recording artist seat. For convention delegates, Mike Sakellarides represented broadcast entertainment while Rob Archer and Joy Benedict represented broadcast news and information. Also at convention, delegates representing singers were Jasper Randall, Fletcher Sheridan, Suzanne Waters and Charlean Carmon.

This item was originally featured in the Los Angeles Fall 2019 print newsletter.


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