"SAG-AFTRA Income Statement" in black on 3-tone blue background. Below text is a blue clock with white hands and frame, blue calculator, white laptop with a pointer in the middle of the screen and blue clipboard with white paper on top.

SAG-AFTRA members were recently sent their 2019 Income Statement for self-reported earnings. The deadline to report your 2019 earnings is Feb. 29, 2020. To complete this form online, please log into your online SAG-AFTRA account and click on “Income Statement” (on a desktop computer, click the “Income Statement” tab on the left; on a mobile device, click the + sign next to “My Information” and then “Income Statement”). 

The Income Statement assists your union in independently verifying earnings reported to us by your employers for ALL 2019 payments, royalties and residuals covered by SAG-AFTRA, SAG and AFTRA contracts. Failure to report accurate information may cause an incorrect amount of dues to be assessed. A complete description of what constitutes earnings is included on the Income Statement.
To report this information online, click here to log in to your member account at sagaftra.org. For assistance logging in to the website, please email webhelp@sagaftra.org or call (866) 855-5191, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT.


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