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Interactive Negotiations Update


Interactive Media Agreement (Video Games) STRIKE SUSPENSION NOTICE

To All Members of SAG-AFTRA:

The Interactive Media Agreement Negotiating Committee has reached a tentative agreement covering video games produced by employers previously struck by the order of the National Board of Directors that went into effect on October 21, 2016.

Accordingly, pursuant to the authority granted to it by the National Board, the Interactive Media Negotiating Committee has voted to suspend the strike pending ratification of the newly-bargained terms.

Members are free to provide covered services pursuant to the expired terms of the prior Interactive Media Agreement with the below-listed companies effective immediately.

  • Activision Productions, Inc.
  • Blindlight, LLC
  • Corps of Discovery Films, Inc.
  • Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.
  • Disney Character Voices, Inc.
  • Formosa Interactive LLC
  • Insomniac Games, Inc.
  • Interactive Associates, Inc.
  • Take 2 Productions, Inc.
  • VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.
  • WB Games, Inc.

The newly-bargained terms for a successor agreement will be effective upon ratification. Work may also continue under any of the independently negotiated videogame agreements effectuated during the strike.

Any questions may be directed to our strike hotline at (323) 549-6815.