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About the Campaign

The Ads Go Union Commercial Organizing Campaign is a member-driven initiative that protects and increases union commercial work.

Strong Ties – We’re building solid relationships with our partners in the industry (casting directors, agents, production companies, ad agencies, sister unions) so we can all work together to keep standards high for everyone.

Relevant Contracts - The industry is changing and so are we. Our contracts need to reflect current realities in the advertising industry.

Ahead of the Curve – We’re collecting pertinent data and staying on top of trends and industry developments.

Easy to Work With – SAG-AFTRA is committed to being responsive and helpful to producers who want to hire our members.

Hard to Fight – We’re making sure agencies and advertisers, who are signatory to our contracts, shoot all their ads union.

Power in Solidarity – SAG-AFTRA is its members. We’re engaging our members, nationwide, in this campaign because we need all hands on deck! We’re disciplining members who don’t honor their commitment to only work union jobs, because we’ll only be successful if we all stand strong together. And we’re reaching out to actors who aren’t members yet, because we’re protecting their future, too.

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As we move forward in our initiative to protect and expand work opportunities for professional performers in commercials, we are asking SAG-AFTRA members, future members, industry allies and supporters to help by joining the effort.

Lend your name to the campaign by signing the following statement of support for union-made commercials and receive updates on our initiative:

I support SAG-AFTRA’s commercials organizing and recapture initiative to protect fair wages and working conditions for professional performers in commercials. By using SAG-AFTRA actors, the industry is truly getting The Best in the Business.

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Do you have information about a non-union commercial? We want to hear from you.

Email us at or call (877) 280-6705.

Any Information you provide is completely confidential, and your name and contact information are not required.

Thank you for your confidential support in helping more Ads Go Union.

Contact Us

Email us at or call (877) 280-6705.