As of Feb. 1, the pay rate for the low-budget feature film contracts are tied to (and are a percentage of) the SAG-AFTRA Basic Agreement rates. Additionally, two of the agreements have been renamed and are platform agnostic in the same manner as the Short Project Agreement. This means that producers are not required to declare an initial use prior to signing on to the applicable low-budget agreement. The Low-Budget Theatrical Agreement requires a bona fide theatrical release. The new Ultra-Low Project Agreement rate is now $201 per day (previously $125), which is 20% of the Basic Agreement day rate. The new Moderate Low-Budget Agreement is 35% of scale, with the Low-Budget Theatrical Agreement coming to 65% of scale. Similar to the standard Basic Agreement and Television Agreement, all of these rates will also increase year to year in the same percentage as negotiated with the AMPTP. Full details on the rate increases, name changes and other information can be found shortly on the SAG-AFTRA website.  

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