WMA Regional Code

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Professional Talent You Can Afford

Introducing the Washington-Mid Atlantic Regional Code

AFFORDABLE RATES – for one up-front fee, air your commercial across local broadcast, internet, new media, social media industrial/theatrical use and regional cable.

LESS PAPERWORK – just a phone call and a signature away from production.

Pension & Health / Health & Retirement Contributions: 18%

  • Contract rates based on 70% of the National SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract for Term Signatories and 80% of the National SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract for One Production Only. Rates are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • Term Signatory entails signing the SAG-AFTRA Regional Code for the three year term of the Code. All commercials produced and aired by the Signatory within the Washington-Mid Atlantic Local’s jurisdiction must be union while signed to the Code.
  • One Production Only allows producers to use the SAG-AFTRA Regional Code for one specific production while not obligating them for future productions.

The Washington-Mid Atlantic Regional Code covers commercials produced in the following states: Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia and played in most or all neighboring states.

Contact Jane Love, Ryan Hastings or Jess W. Speaker III in the Washington-Mid Atlantic Local office at (301) 657-2560 or email them at jane.love@sagaftra.org, ryan.hastings@sagaftra.org or jess.speaker@sagaftra.org to see if the Regional Code rates apply to your commercial.

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