It's now easier than ever to use SAG-AFTRA professionals.

SAG-AFTRA has developed a new way to make your Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast productions (including Internet and New Media use) a snap. Not only do you get more flexibility when using SAG-AFTRA performers, you’ll have access to new, simplified rates available in the Washington-Mid Atlantic market for the first time.

Flexible Hiring
You can now choose a cast composed of both union performers and others in any manner you like. Just pay SAG-AFTRA rates to the professional performers you use.

Faster Production
You can get the work done quicker and better with a SAG-AFTRA on-camera narrator using the new half-day rate. Talented SAG-AFTRA performers can get the job done in less time and add polish and professionalism to your production.

Simplified Rates
Now there’s no need to navigate a rate structure with different categories. There’s a single, lower rate for all Co/Ed (a.k.a. Industrial) projects, with unlimited Non-Broadcast, Internet and New Media use included. Even integration and customization is completely negotiable with the performer’s consent.

Easy Payment
If your project is made for or by a federal agency, you have even more options available to you to make working with union performers easier. In addition to paying with a credit card and processing the project though a paymaster service, you’ll be able to skip all supplemental use payments for an additional 55 percent of salary with the performer’s consent. For more information and quotes, contact

Where to Start?
Call the SAG-AFTRA Washington-Mid Atlantic Local at (301) 657-2560 or email for more information.  

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