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The Official E-Newsletter of the Washington-Mid Atlantic Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Washington-Mid Atlantic Local
April 2014


To update your contact information with SAG-AFTRA, you can login to your account through the SAG-AFTRA website. If you have not yet set up an online account, you will need your SAG-AFTRA ID number and the last four digits of your Social Security number to register. You can sign in and/or register here. There is also Login Assistance on that page, which allows you to chat with someone at SAG-AFTRA if you are having difficulties.

Once you have logged in, you can access your account information by clicking “My Information” under the “Member Services” dropdown menu and update any contact information, including your address. Click a button that says “Edit My Information” under a header that says “Residuals Address.”


Participation in the conservatory program is available to all SAG-AFTRA local members in good standing — absolutely free of charge. If you’re an active, paid SAG-AFTRA member, you can attend all the workshops you want — free!

If you’re new to the business or an established veteran — whether you’re a broadcaster or freelancer, or if you work on-camera, off-camera or onstage — you’ll find a conservatory workshop that will benefit you.

Click here for the Spring 2014 Conservatory Calendar

These workshops are for educational purposes and do not constitute SAG-AFTRA endorsement of any product, service or provider.


Allinson, Matt - Senior Broadcast Representative
(301) 634-4863

Bennett, Sara - Assistant Executive Director, Member Services
(301) 634-4860

Christian, Mitzi - Administrative Assistant
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Cook, Christopher - Business Representative
(301) 634-4855

Cooper, Frane - Comptroller
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Daniels, Tamara - Executive Contract Administrator
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Love, Jane - Associate Executive Director
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O’Donnell, Pat - Executive Director
ext. 861(VM); ext. 862
(301) 634-4862

Patel, Purvi - Legislative Counsel
(301) 634-4852

Raulerson, Anee - Assistant Executive Director
(301) 634-4864

Speaker, Jess - Business Representative
(301) 634-4867

Syncon, Toni-Ann - Communications & Member Outreach, WMA Coordinator
(301) 634-4869

Young, Thomas - Broadcast Representative
(301) 634-4865

Dedicated to the life of Kirk Penberthy

Kirk Penberthy

In honor of his life and legacy, the SAG-AFTRA Washington-Mid Atlantic local dedicates this newsletter to the memory of our dear friend, Kirk Penberthy.

Kirk was a former president of the Washington-Baltimore Branch of SAG and served on the SAG National Board as well as the AFTRA Executive Board. He dedicated his time to various committees over the years, representing all actors in the Washington–Mid Atlantic Local.

He was a graduate of the University of Miami, a talented actor, an accomplished voiceover artist and a valued leader in the SAG-AFTRA community.

Kirk leaves behind his loving wife, Mariel B. Penberthy, their son Talan and daughter Tamsyn.

It was a privilege to have had Kirk in our lives and within our SAG-AFTRA community.

In lieu of flowers, a group of Kirk’s friends have established college funds for his two young children. If you're interested in donating, contact the local office at (301) 657-2560 or (800) 724-0767 for information. A special thanks to all who donated in Kirk’s memory.

A Message from the Local President

Lance Lewman
Dear SAG-AFTRA Washington-Mid Atlantic Brothers and Sisters,

Last September, my first official act as president of the SAG-AFTRA Washington-Mid-Atlantic local was to attend the inaugural SAG-AFTRA convention in Los Angeles. What an experience! Several people got up and spoke to the assembled group using the term, “we, the mothers and fathers of this organization,” and it was inspiring to hear those words. I found myself imagining the world, as we will leave it to our descendants, and how “historic” we will all be then. It is my sincerest hope that we will leave a legacy that will make the performers who follow in our footsteps proud of the union we shaped — a legacy they will feel honored to be a part of, to protect and nurture.

Many exciting things are just around the corner, and as the excitement and newly focused energy of our new union drives new growth and ingenuity, we can look forward to a strong and more robust industry, not only locally, but on a national scale, as the industry and technology become more and more global in the days, months and years to come.

This year will be a blueprint year for the new union, as we find our feet in a growing and ever-more-challenging economy. A new SAG-AFTRA franchised agency, Triple Threat, is in the works and will launch sometime in the next few months, so keep an eye out for them.

There has been a lot of news lately about our ability to hold on to House of Cards (as Hollywood would very much like them to come there). The Maryland State Senate passed a bill that, if also passed by the House intact, would provide enough funding to insure the return of House of Cards. That said, this is not a “done deal” by a long shot! Member constituents of District 30 in Anne Arundel County are being urged to contact Speaker Busch to urge him to support SB1051.

The hearing in the House (sponsor testimony) was April 2 and the last day of the session was scheduled to be April 7. As one of the new agents at Triple Threat said, “There’s no reason why in the future the Mid-Atlantic can’t become the epicenter of the entertainment industry.” A tall order to be sure, but certainly an admirable goal.

On a very sad note, on Feb. 1 of this year, we lost Kirk Penberthy, an inspirational leader and true friend. A colleague with quiet strength and gentle grace, Kirk seemed to have it all: a beautiful wife and healthy family, acknowledged as one of the very best in his chosen field, a comfortable home, and the respect and admiration of his friends and colleagues. It’s oddly unsettling how very unclear a situation can appear when you aren’t standing in the shoes of the person who’s living it. That’s why this newsletter is dedicated to Kirk’s memory. It is my sincere hope that this tragedy can somehow serve to bring us all a little closer. To allow us to show just a little more sensitivity and compassion for each other on a day-to-day basis … to support each other, not only in practice, but truly in our hearts. There is a great void in our ranks now that we are so suddenly and prematurely without Kirk among us. Our prayers and healing thoughts go out to his family. 

Rest in peace, my friend.

In solidarity,

Lance Lewman
President, SAG-AFTRA Washington-Mid Atlantic Local