"Tell Congress to provide economic support to creative professionals impacted by the coronavirus

Many arts and entertainment professionals may only qualify for lower traditional leave and unemployment benefits due to the unique nature of your work. It’s urgent to let your senators know TODAY not to leave you behind and provide you with economic support! 

Please call your senators now by dialing (202) 224-3121.

And email them with your demand for action on this crucial relief package. You can use the sample email below or write in your own words. We ask you message both of your two senators right away. Get their contact information here

Below is a template you can use or write in your own words.


Dear Senator [Insert Last Name]:

My name is ______.  I am a SAG-AFTRA [performer/broadcaster] who lives in your state.

I am writing to request your office support emergency relief protection for media workers to include those of us who are employee-classified, non-traditional workers with sporadic employment patterns and multiple employers in one year.  Also to include independent contractors and freelance workers when considering benefits.

The entertainment industry is in crisis due to the devastating loss of employment in motion picture, television and live performance production. American arts and media workers are being sent home, not knowing when or if production will resume.

State unemployment insurance benefits can provide some relief but local, state, and federal governments must do more to get money into the hands of displaced workers. We urge you to fight for as much flexibility for the states when it comes to unemployment insurance guidelines for our unique workforce.

Thank you for reading my message. We ask you work with my union, SAG-AFTRA, which is deeply engaged in advocating for relief legislation.


[Insert Name]


I am a (performer/broadcaster) who lives in (your state). I am calling to ask the senator to support emergency relief  for media workers. We are non-traditional workers, we have sporadic employment patterns and multiple employers every year with less access to traditional employee leave and unemployment benefits, and a lot of us are also independent contractors and freelance workers.

The entertainment is basically shut down and we have no idea when we’ll go back.

My union, SAG-AFTRA,  is deeply engaged in advocating for relief legislation. Please work with them as much as you can.


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