Twin Cities 2014:09

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The Official E-Newsletter of the Twin Cities Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Twin Cities Local
September 2014


• Bob Davis – President
• Peter Moore – First Vice President
• Barry ZeVan – Second Vice President
• Tracey Maloney – Third Vice President
• Mark Bradley – Secretary

• Randal Berger (National Board Member)
• Mark Benninghofen
• Charles Brin
• Elena Giannetti
• Peggy O’Connell
• Shelli Place
• Michael Tezla
• Shirley Venard

You may contact board members by email.

Twin Cities News and Views Editor: 
Mary Em Burns

Message from the Local President

Bob Davis

Greetings to all Twin Cities SAG-AFTRA Members!

This has been a very exciting year for the local. Your local board has been very active in supporting ongoing local committee initiatives focused on ways to increase local union work available for members. We all need to get behind a big push to change the way union members are seen and hired in this market. We hope that many of you will show your support by planning to attend the annual membership meeting in mid-November, where you can get more details and answers to any questions you might have.

Watch for more information coming your way from us in the near future. Please read — don't delete — union email!

As always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me and/or the board anytime in care of:

In solidarity,
Bob Davis
President, Twin Cities Local