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The Official E-Newsletter of the Twin Cities Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Twin Cities Local
November 2013


Got contract questions? Membership questions? Help is always available and easy to access by phone (312.573.8081 or 800.724.0767) or by email to the specific staff members as listed below:

Contact Kathy Byrne

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Contact Jamie Marchi

Contact Jolene Jones

Interactive or New Media:
Contact Sean Hennessy

Contact Jamie Marchi
or Contact Kathy Byrne

Contact Kathy Nelsen

Music Videos, Singers,
or Sound Recordings:
Contact Jolene Jones

News and Broadcast:
Contact Paula Weinbaum
or Contact Eric Chaudron

Residuals, Film/TV:
Contact Residuals Department

Short and Student Films:
Contact Kathy Byrne

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Contact Kathy Byrne

Television, Dramatic and Non-Dramatic:
Contact Kathy Byrne

Contact Kathy Byrne

For other inquires, contact Colleen Aho by email, at 651.789.8990 or visit the SAG-AFTRA website.


Editor: Mary Em Burns
Photos: Bob Davis and Randal Berger

 Bob Davis

Greetings from Your New Local President Bob Davis

I joined the board a few years ago because I thought that our union was in jeopardy, that the work that had sustained me and my family for years was disappearing and that it was vital to do something now to save it. The alternative was to see it dwindle into nothing, returning actors to the time before we had a union. Those actors at that time found the courage to band together to control the labor market and demand wages and working conditions that would provide them with a safe, livable income. If we fail in our efforts to keep SAG-AFTRA strong and growing, guess what? What will happen to non-union wages without our union-established standards to compare them to? They will dwindle slowly down and down, until the actors being paid this insulting wage will wake up one day and say, “We ought to band together and do something about this!”

I think it makes more sense to build on the strong bones prepared by our predecessors and strengthen what we have rather than to let our kids do it all over again.

We are having our annual Twin Cities membership meeting on Nov. 18 at the Jungle Theater at 6 p.m. Please come and hear your local board’s ideas on how to move forward, and bring your voice and ideas to share with all of us.

Contact me anytime at


Twin Cities Local Elects Leadership

Ballots were tabulated for the first Twin Cities Local election on Aug. 2, supervised by the Twin Cities Local Elections Committee: Chair Allen Hamilton was joined by Marie Mathay, Mary Em Burns and Steve Murphy. Most candidates ran unopposed, and thus were declared elected (a sign that more of you TC Local members need to step up and run for the local board when the next election period rolls around). There was only one contested position: that of national board member. All those elected took office effective Aug. 15, with local board and convention delegate positions serving two-year terms. Here are the final results:

National Board Member: Randal Berger (four-year term)

Local Board Officers:
Local Board President: Bob Davis
1st Vice President: Peter Moore
2nd Vice President: Vacant
3rd Vice President: Leigha Horton
Secretary: Mark Bradley

Local Board Members: Randal Berger, Charles Brin, Elena Giannetti, Peggy O’Connell, Michael Tezla, and Barry ZeVan (leaving four vacancies).

Convention Delegates: Mark Bradley, Charles Brin and Peggy O’Connell (the national board member and president, by virtue of their election to those positions, also serve as convention delegates.)

Congratulations to all of our elected members, and thanks to the volunteers on the Local Elections Committee, and to the newly elected local leadership for serving our local at this time of change and opportunity!