Sound Recordings

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The AFTRA National Code of Fair Practice for Sound Recordings (a.k.a. the “Code”), covers sound recordings on CDs, digital, vinyl, etc., and includes all music formats as well as audiobooks, cast albums, and any other sound recording utilizing vocal performance. The Code not only covers singers, but announcers, actors, comedians, narrators, and sound effects artists as well.

The Code applies to artists who work at scale and overscale, and who appear as both royalty and non-royalty artists. In addition, some artists may be royalty artists for their own recordings, but qualify as non-royalty artists when they appear on other artists’ recordings.

The Sound Recordings Code has been in existence since the early 1950s.Today, more than 600 companies are signed to it, including the three major labels: Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and most of their subsidiary labels.

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