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The Official E-Newsletter of the SF-Northern California Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the SF-Northern California Local
March 2016


Kathryn Howell – President
Brian Hackney – Vice President (Broadcast)
Ed Vasgersian – Vice President (Performer)
Marie Shell – Recording Secretary
Robert Curé
Ann E. Fields 
Talaria Haast 
Mark Jones 
Scott Lettieri
Joe Paulino
Michael Pechner
Phillip Ramirez
George Rask
Lucrecia Sarita Russo
Don Sanchez
Micci Toliver

Broadcasters Safety Summit 

The San Francisco-Northern California Local has been active in developing and advocating best practices on security issues for reporters and news crews in the field. It formed a coalition with the other unions who represent news crews in the Bay Area, including IATSE, IBEW and NABET, and hosted the initial Safety Summit on Aug. 25, with a follow-up working group meeting on Oct. 19. All major television news stations attended, along with representatives of the San Francisco and Oakland police departments.  

Another working group meeting will be held in 2016 to continue advancing safety measures to protect news crews.

Additionally, SAG-AFTRA has created the Safety4Media.org website as a clearinghouse for front-line reports and to focus attention on this important issue.

SAG-AFTRA will work to ensure that all news agencies are providing adequate security and training their staff on the most effective safety practices.